Women's Premier Soccer League      
Providing the highest level of women's premier soccer in the US since 1998



Chapter 1 Constitution

  • Article 1.1
  • Article 1.2 Name
  • Article 1.3 Purpose
  • Article 1.4 League Structures
  • Article 1.5 Affiliation  

Chapter 2 Governing Bodies and Committees

  • Article 2.1 League Governing Board, League Commissioner
  • And League Advisory Board
  • Article 2.2 League AGM Elections
  • Article 2.3 Operation of League
  • Article 2.4 League of Administrator or Staff
  • Article 2.5 Committees
  • Article 2.6 League Advisory Committee

Chapter 3 Meetings

  • Article 3.1 League Meetings
  • Article 3.2 Annual League Meeting (AGM)
  • Article 3.3 Other Meetings
  • Article 3.4 Ratification of Minutes

Chapter 4 Membership

  • Article 4.1 Membership Conditions for New Teams
  • Article 4.2 Condition for Termination of Membership
  • Article 4.3 Reference to Member Agreement
  • Article 4.4 Leave of Absence
  • Article 4.5 New Team Entry
  • Article 4.6 Operation and Finances

Chapter 5 Misconduct, Protest, Appeals and Discipline

  • Article 5.1 Protest and Appeals
  • Article 5.2 Disciplinary Powers
  • Article 5.3 Further Appeal
  • Article 5.4 Referee Assault
  • Article 5.5 Penalties
  • Article 5.6 Reporting
  • Article 5.7 Disciplinary Hearing
  • Article 5.8 Team Suspension and Expulsion
  • Article 5.9 Team Disputes


ARTICLE 1.1  Definition

The Constitution and laws will govern the operations of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL).  The Constitution and laws may be amended, changed, deleted or have new language adopted by a majority of teams in good standing.  Changes not written can be made by a majority of teams in good standing.

ARTICLE 1.2  Name
This body shall be known as the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL).

ARTICLE 1.3  Purpose

  1. Promotion and development of independent women’s soccer at the highest level.
  2. Provide a playing opportunity for the elite women soccer players to play.
  3. Make every effort to bring quality soccer to all levels of the community and to youth programs, while promoting the stature of female athletes as role models for the youth.
  4. Provide an environment where soccer as a sport can expand into a viable choice in sports entertainment.


The WPSL is an independent, closely-held corporation that provides, for a fee, scheduling, framework and organizational services to groups of soccer teams throughout North America.

It does not grant franchises, operate teams, or interfere in the operations of any of the individual teams, nor does it issue shares or other ownership interest to teams.  The ownership may assume the duties and responsibilities of the League Commissioner and will be responsible for the Constitution and bylaws.  The owners will operate the league.  All teams in the WPSL are independently owned and operated and neither the teams nor the WPSL, bear or accept any liability for the actions of the other relating to the activities of the teams or WPSL.

The Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) may include the following divisions:

  1. A division will be organized on a regional basis into a National League.  Regions will propose schedules to the league for approval and, handle regional matters with the approval of the National League.
  2. Second Division.
  3. Other premier or youth soccer leagues may be formed as a separate entity within the WPSL, corporation or independent.  Corporation and independent will not conflict with the May 1- August 1 WPSL season.


The WPSL is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation and sanctioned by the United States Adult Soccer Association.


ARTICLE 2.1  League Commissioner and League Advisory Board

The League will meet at least once a year, consisting of a representative from each team in good standing financially in the WPSL.  The league will have an open agenda and all teams will be able to submit items for the agenda 2 (two) weeks prior to League meetings.  Meeting minutes will be available at the next AGM.  The League Commissioner will also have the power to:

  1. Approve the schedule for league play, regional games, and the Championship series.
  2. Interpret the rules.
  3. Be the final appeal in protest along with the League Advisory Board, unless the Commissioner has a conflict.  
  4. Exercise disciplinary powers conferred by these bylaws.
  5. Make known and enforce the provisions of these bylaws and the laws of the WPSL.
  6. The Commissioner and the Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible for all funds and securities of the League; shall receive all duties, assessments, and other revenues paid to the League. They shall deposit all such revenues in the name of the League in such depositories and may be selected by the Treasurer. The Treasurer will keep an accurate account of all monies of the League for the payment of accounts, fees and dues and shall makes such payment as shall be due by the league.


At the Annual League Meeting (AGM), the league will consist of one representative from each team and elect the following officials:

  1. League Commissioner.
  2. Associate Commissioners.
  3. League Treasurer.


The League Commissioner has the power to appoint at the Annual League Meeting (AGM) or during the interim between AGM meetings.  If League Commissioner is unable to continue in the office, an associate commissioner will assume the role of Commissioner unless appointed by the outgoing League Commissioner.

The officers of the league should be selected from team representatives.

  1. A League Commissioner will be in charge of calling meeting, League Advisory Committee meetings, decide meeting agendas, and chair meetings.  The League Commissioner will be responsible for all personnel decisions, league operations, territorial conflicts, league team discipline, expenditures, league dues, travel for necessary meeting, legal fees, compensation to enforce the constitution and rules, final approval on all regional schedules content, regional structures, appointment of Regional Commissioners and other duties outlined in the Constitution and bylaws.
  2. A Treasurer will produce a league financial report once a year.  The League Treasurer will also collect and pay all money.  During the interim between AGM’s, the treasurer shall make available report to the League Commissioner.
  3. The League Commissioner will appoint a Referee Commissioner who will coordinate all referee and assignors for the league.
  4. The League Commissioner will appoint a Recording Secretary to take the minutes of all meetings.
  5. The League Commissioner will appoint a Registrar to register players with appropriate affiliations.
  6. The League Commissioner may appoint other commissioners for duties as needed.
  7. The League Commissioner will appoint Regional Commissioners.
  8. The League Commissioner will appoint a League Scheduler and team field insurance.


A League Administrator or staff will serve at the pleasure of the League Commissioner.  Any decisions or financial spending by staff must have approval from the League Commissioner or Treasurer.  Staff and contracts must be approved by the League Commissioner.


Committees will be established as needed by the League Commissioner.


The League Advisory Committee will consist of the Commissioner, Associate Commissioners, and appropriate Regional Commissioners when needed.  The League Commissioner shall keep the League Advisory Committee advised on decisions affecting the league operations, and when appropriate, rely on their advice.



The League Commissioner will chair and designate the site and date of league meeting(s). The league will meet a minimum of once a year.  The league will have an agenda and all teams will be able to submit items for the agenda prior to all league meetings.  Meeting minutes will be available to all teams two weeks after the Annual League Meeting. The preferred AGM date would be the last Friday and Saturday in January.


The League Commissioner will designate the site and date of the The Annual General Meeting (AGM). Election of officers will take place at this meeting.  All teams must have representatives at the Annual General Meeting.  All new teams must meet the night before the annual meeting. Nonattendance will mean the new team will be ineligible for the current year.


League committees will meet at the pleasure of the Chairperson or Commissioner.


Minutes will be distributed after the AGM. Electronic changes to the Constitution or bylaws during the year will be immediately ratified.


ARTICLE 4.1  Membership Conditions for New Teams

Membership conditions will be made available at the time of affiliation with WPSL in the Membership Agreement, signed by the entering team.  The treasurer will notify all teams after the non-refundable membership funds have been deposited.  Conditions of membership are posted on the www.wpsl.info website.  The League Commissioner shall contact a team already existing in the area and determine if there is a conflict.  If there is a conflict, and the existing team agrees special conditions may be imposed by the league with acceptance into the league. If the existing team says no, the applying team will be turned down.  Territories agreements previously agreed upon will continue to be honored.  Team affiliation and membership may be terminated by the violation of any of the conditions set forth by the Membership Agreement and any blatant disregard for the league bylaws.  Membership may also be terminated if a team in not in good financial standing with the league.


Information concerning team specific membership conditions shall be found in the Membership Agreement signed by the team at the time of admission into the league.  All new and returning teams must submit by the Annual League Meeting, both a membership agreement form and team contact form.


Teams may suspend operations with a leave of absence for up to one year.  A letter requesting a leave of absence must be submitted to the league. The territory may be considered open and other teams may be accepted.


All new team entries will be approved or disapproved by the League Commissioner after reviewing their contributing factors including territory.


Mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and fax number must be kept current with the league.  One (1) person minimum must be available to the league from January through August.  A substitute contact is highly recommended.  Coaches should be included.
Each team makes a commitment to pay all league fees when due.   This is a commitment to pay all team registration, player registration, administrative and insurance fees.



Filing protests must be submitted in writing for review to the designated league official who will present it to the League Advisory Board, within ten (10) days of the protested game and must include $100, refundable if the protest is awarded. The League Commissioner shall call a League Advisory Board as soon as possible.

Any matter is a valid subject for an appeal, except matters of fact that occur on a playing field during a sanctioned match, where the referee is the sole determinant of the fact and the Constitution and bylaws are clearly defined.

The League Advisory Board will conduct a hearing, allowing both sides to express their positions.  The WPSL has the right to seek witness and testimony and to interview individuals on matters pertaining to the issue.  Such hearing process must commence within thirty (30) days of the notification to the WPSL Director of Operations.

When deliberations are complete, the League Advisory Board will render a judgement to the parties in the appeal.  The judgement can be in favor of either side or can be to direct the involved parties to reconsider the issue.  The Director of Operations will then prepare a written report to be included in the minutes of the next regular meeting.


The WPSL will have the disciplinary power to act on any breach of the bylaws or laws of the game.  It is the policy of the WPSL to not permit the appeal process to hinder the efficient functioning of the league and therefore will not entertain trivial or nuisance appeals.


Beyond this appeal, either party may appeal directly to USSF according to their rules and regulations.  A lawyer shall not represent the person or organization requesting an appeal, and no league, official, team coach, referee, or player (or their representative) may invoke the aid of the Courts of any state or of the United States, without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate soccer organizations.


The referee will immediately report any situation where a player, coach, official or spectator physically assaults a referee to the WPSL Referee Commissioner.  A physical assault is defined as any physical contact with the intent to do harm.  It is the responsibility of the WPSL to determine if assault has occurred, and incidents of presumed or suspected assault will be reported as well as situations where there is direct physical evidence of assault.
Any act in which physical contact is made with, or is attempted to be made with, the person of the official, which contact is intended to cause physical harm, or is reasonable perceived by the official in fear of imminent physical harm, including but not limited to:

  1. Striking or attempting to strike;
  2. Kicking or attempting to kick;
  3. Tripping or attempting to trip;
  4. Holding or restraining, or attempting to hold or restrain;
  5. Intentionally running into or at;
  6. Poking or poking at;
  7. Spitting at or on;
  8. Throwing or propelling in any way any object (including the ball) capable of injuring the official or damaging property, or degrading the official.
  9. ITaking, knocking, or dislodging from the official any item in his possession; or
  10.  Any other act which could cause or result in injury to an official or his property if contact was made or the official resisted.

Any act in which serious physical contact is made on an official’s person, which results in bodily harm or injury to the official, or damage or loss of personal property belonging to the official, or the property in the custody or control of the official.  


Assault:  A MINIMUM suspension of six (6) months to a maximum of five (5) years.

Violent Assault: A MINIMUM suspension of two (2) years to a maximum of twenty (20) years.


It shall be the responsibility of the referee in any match in which a referee assault occurs to report the incident to both the WPSL and the League Referee Assignor.  Such report shall be in writing and shall contain a detailed statement on the conduct constituting the assault.  Such report shall be mailed within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident.  The player card of the offending player shall be included with the report mailed to the WPSL.

The WPSL League Commissioner shall immediately upon receipt forward the report to the Full League.  The League Commissioner shall conduct a hearing among the WPSL Advisory Board only to determine if the report is fact describes an incident constituting a referee assault justifying further Board action.  If no such action is justified the player card shall be immediately returned to the player.  If no threshold determination is made within twenty-one (21) days of the incident the player card must be immediately returned to the player and no further action taken against the player.  If a majority of members determine that further action is justified then a hearing shall be scheduled as set forth below.  The threshold hearing may be conducted by telephone or in any manner deemed reasonable by the WPSL Board.


Should the WPSL Advisory Board determine that a disciplinary hearing is necessary then a hearing shall be scheduled within forty-five (45) days of the incident alleged.  The hearing must be held within the geographic area served by the affiliate conducting the match in which the incident occurs.  The officials involved and the player shall be notified of the time, place, and purpose of the hearing.

Either may bring to the hearing such witnesses as they feel might be relevant.  The hearing may be conducted in any manner deemed reasonable by the chairman.  Both the official and the player shall be allowed to present their versions of the events allegedly constituting the assault.
The committee shall first determine whether the assault occurred, and if so, what level of assault.  If the committee determines that an assault occurred, the committee shall then assess such penalties within the guide lines set forth herein, as the committee deems appropriate.


The League Commissioner, after consultation with the League Advisory Committee, has the power to suspend or expel teams.


Disputing teams may take part in the League Advisory Board discussion, but may not vote on the resolution.  The League Advisory Board may go into an executive session to make a final decision.