Women's Premier Soccer League      
Providing the highest level of women's premier soccer in the US since 1998

Law A       League

•       Law A1      By-laws
•       Law A2      Laws of the Game
•       Law A3      Playing Season
•       Law A4      Playoffs
•       Law A5      Championships
•       Law A5.1   Location of Championship Tournament
•       Law A5.2   Travel Arrangements for Championship Tournament
•       Law A5.3   Criteria to Host Championship Tournament
•       Law A6      Tie in Standings
•       Law A6.1   Three-Way Tie in Standings
•       Law A7      Game Balls
•       Law A8      Substitutions
•       Law A9      Game Tied After 90 Minutes of Regulation Play
•       Law A10     WPSL Point System
•       Law A11     League and Division Structure
•       Law A11.1  Regional Flexibility
•       Law A12     League Schedule
•       Law A13     Cancellations
•       Law A14     No Shows/Forfeit
•       Law A14.1  Non Performance of Home Team
•       Law A15     Quarters
•       Law A16     Provisional Teams

Law B      Team

•       Law B1      Operation Fees
•       Law B2      Other Fees
•       Law B3      Roster
•       Law B4      Conduct & Appearance of Team Bench Personnel
•       Law B5      Bench Requirements
•       Law B6      Game Day Reports
•       Law B6.1   Travel Information Sheet
•       Law B7      Disbanding
•       Law B8      Risks
•       Law B9      Indemnification
•       Law B10    Uniforms
•       Law B11   Non-payment of Professional Players by Professional Teams

Law C      Players

•       Law Cl       Amateur and Professional
•       Law C2      Foreign Player Status
•       Law C3      Participation
•       Law C4      Registration
•       Law C5      Player Pass
•       Law C5.1   Registrar
•       Law C5.2   Player Registration
•       Law C6      Illegal Player
•       Law C7      Transfer and Releases
•       Law C8      Insurance
•       Law C9      Risks
•       Law C10    All-Star Team
•       Law C11    League Recognition

Law D      Referees

•       Law Dl      Registration
•       Law D2     Game
•       Law D3     Field Inspection
•       Law D4     Fee
•       Law D5     Fee Disbursement
•       Law D6     No Show
•       Law D7     WPSL Rules
•       Law D8     Referee Suspension

Law E      Discipline

•       Law El       League Commissioner
•       Law E2      Cautions
•       Law E3      Ejections
•       Law E4      Serving Ejections

Law F      Minimum Standards

•       Law Fl       Adherence
•       Law F2      Playing Field
•       Law F3      Nets and Comer Flags
•       Law F4      Benches
•       Law F5      Referee Provisions
•       Law F6      Water & Ice
•       Law F7      Trainer
•       Law F8      Back-Up Field
•       Law F9      Fans
•       Law F10      Ball Persons
•       Law F11      Score Reporting

Law G      Tournaments

•       Law Gl       Team Sponsored Tournaments
•       Law G2      Tournaments

Law A League

Law A1 By-Laws

The Constitution and By-Laws will govern the operations of the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL). The Constitution and By-Laws may be Amended changed or deleted, or have new language adopted through the League Commissioner by a majority of the teams in good standing.

Law A2 Laws of the Game

All games under the jurisdiction of the League shall be conducted according to the rules and regulations recognized by the League. Playing Rules of the League shall be those adopted by the most recent USSF/FIFA rulebook except for those exceptions listed herein.

Law A3 Playing Season

The playing season of the League shall start no sooner than May 1st, though that date is not a mandatory start for all teams, and end no later than the first weekend of August. Second division teams can play limited games within the league.

Law A4 Playoffs

All Playoff Games shall be under the control and supervision of the League.

Law A5 League Championships and Playoffs

The team that wins its Region may be required to play another Region's winner or a team within their region to determine the representative in the WPSL National Championship.  The League Champion will be the winner of the Championship Tournament.  A team will not be considered for the Championship Tournament unless all league dues are current within four weeks of the start of playoffs.

The non-winners of the Championship Tournament semifinals may play a consolation match the next day.
Consolation match rules shall be as follows:

  1. The consolation match shall be scheduled at least 4 hours prior to the Championship Finals.
  2. Prior to the start of the match, if a consolation match is delayed more than 30 minutes due to weather then the match shall be postponed. The referees shall determine whether a match is fit for play.
  3. After a match has been started, if a consolation match is delayed due to weather and referees cannot resume the match within 30 minutes then the match shall end and the current score shall be recorded as the official final score.
  4. Should a consolation match end in a tie in regulation time then the match shall immediately be decided by penalty kicks.
  5. League officials shall have the authority to alter any and all circumstances of a consolation match to ensure that the playing field is available for the Championship finalists one hour before kickoff.

Law A5.1 Location of Championship Tournament

Starting with the 2008 Championship series the host location will start in the West and rotate annually to the East, Southwest, Midwest, and South. If no teams in the regional rotation submit a proposal then it becomes open to the region next in the rotation. The league office shall set the dates and times of the Championship matches. The league office shall have the authority to change the game time of the Championship finals if the league determines that weather may impact the match.

Law A5.2 Travel Arrangements for Championship Tournament
Once a team advances to the Championship Tournament, the team must submit to the league within 24 hours, their travel confirmation for the Championship Tournament. If the advancing team fails to submit the travel confirmation or cannot attend the championship tournament, the runner up from that regional playoff/division will be given the option of participating in the Championship Tournament, in which they must provide travel confirmation within 24 hours of notification from the League. If neither team from the regional playoff/division can participate, the commissioner may select a team from any region to fill the open spot.

Law A5.3 Criteria to Host the WPSL National Championship

The hosting team must supply the following:

    • $5000 bond
    • Seven (7) with 2 double/queen beds hotel rooms per team
    • Two (2) 15-passenger vans or Three (3) 7-passenger mini vans per team
    • Venue
    • Water, ice, and certified Athletic Trainer

All money collected will go to the host team. The $5000 bond will be returned to the host team within 7days after the championship tournament if host team fulfills all the above criteria. If a host team fails to fulfill the above criteria, the $5000 may be forfeited. If a host team decides to not host the championships the $5000 bond will be forfeited and used to secure a new location.

Law A6 Tie in Standings

In case of a tie in the Final League Standings the following tiebreaker will be used.

1)      Head to head record between the teams.
2)      Goal difference between the teams.
3)      Goal difference within the Division.
4)      Most goals scored within League.
5)      Least goals scored against within League.
6)      Tiebreaker to be determined by a coin toss.

Law A6 .1 Three-Way Tie in Standings

Once one team is eliminated then it defaults to the two- team tie breaker

1)    Head-to-Head among the three teams.
2)    Goal difference in games amongst the two or three teams.
3)    Goal difference within the division.
4)    Most goals scored within the division.
5)    Most goals scored in the league.
6)    Least goals allowed in the league.
7)    Coin toss.

Law A7 Game Balls

The home team must provide the referee with at least Five (5) game balls prior to the kickoff. The referee will return all game balls to the home team upon completion of the game.

Every team must submit to the league what type of game balls they will be using by April 15th. The balls must be stamped FIFA and match approved.

Law A8 Substitutions
Each team will be allowed 20 players on the game day roster from the unlimited team roster. Substitutions are unlimited and may be allowed on any dead ball situation with the referee's instruction.

The following conditions shall govern substitutions in WPSL matches:

  • A team may not substitute more than three (3) players at any one substitution stoppage.
  • A referee will provide a warning to a team if he/she feels that the team is substituting excessively thereby disrupting the flow of the match or as a time wasting tactic. From that point forward a referee may limit a team's subs or deny them at his/her discretion.
  • Referees shall add extra time in correlation to the time taken for substitutions.

Law A9 Game Tied After 90 Minutes of Regulation Play

In the event of a tie after 90 minutes, the game ends in a tie with each team receiving one (1) point.

Law A10 WPSL Point System

- Win      3 points
- Tie       1 point
- Loss     0 points
- Forfeit  - 3 points

Law A11 League and Division Structure

Premier First Division will be organized on a regional basis.

Law A11.1 Regional Flexibility

  1. Propose schedule deadlines to the League office for approval.
  2. Regions are determined by the League Commissioner.
  3. Regions may have financial arrangements not in conflict with the WPSL Constitution.
  4. If decisions affect the entire league financially or otherwise, the entire league must approve the decision.

Law A12 League Schedule

The schedule is the ultimate responsibility of the League. The league schedule, once issued by the league office and posted on the official WPSL website, shall not be changed without the consent of the League. Teams must have their WPSL regular season game dates, times and venue/field submitted to the League no later than 75 days prior to the start of their region's first official league game.

The schedule posted on the league website is the official schedule. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure the schedule posted on the league website is accurate. NO change in the league schedule will be considered without a completed game change request form sent to the League office with signatures/acceptance from both team representative involved in the reschedule and appropriate rescheduling fees paid by the requesting team.
See fee schedule below.

Rescheduling Fee's

1 Week prior to original schedule game $200
2-3 Weeks prior to original schedule game $150
4-6 Weeks prior to original schedule game $75
7-9 Weeks prior to original schedule game $25
10+ Weeks prior to original schedule game $0

If a WPSL match has been assigned referees and a team reschedules the match less than 72 hours prior to the original schedule, then the rescheduling team must pay the fees for the assigned crew prior to a reschedule being granted. If the date, time or venue of a WPSL match is changed less than 72 hours prior to the original schedule then the team accepting the change may be granted monetary damages upon proof submitted and approved by the League office.

An attempt to reschedule a WPSL match will be considered a forfeit, which includes a 3 point deduction in the standings, if that match has not been successfully rescheduled prior to the date and start time of the originally scheduled match.

If a stadium is closed (due to "acts of Nature" or circumstances beyond control) the league must receive notice in writing, a statement of closure from the facility owner immediately after closure and the rescheduling fee may be refunded.

A team may not schedule a Sunday game later than 3pm if the road team is traveling more than 200 miles or the visiting team approves of a time change.

Law A13 Cancellations

The cancellation procedure is as follows:

No game may be canceled prior to the scheduled date unless both teams and the League Commissioner and Associate Commisioners agree. If a stadium is closed (due to "acts of God" or circumstances beyond control) the league must receive notice in writing, a statement of closure from the facility owner immediately after closure. The Regional Commissioner shall determine the policy of rainouts and all other cancellations including games in progress.

The League Commissioner, Associate Commissioners, and Regional Commissioners will determine on a case-bycase basis whether or not a game is considered a cancellation or a forfeit. Any postponed game must be reschedule within 72 hours. If all possible attempts to get the game rescheduled fail then the unplayed game score will be reported as 0-0, and the standing points will be calculated by the average game points each team has received for the season.

Authority To Delay Or Postpone A Match

Once in progress, a match may be delayed or postponed due to unfavorable weather and/or other adverse conditions beyond the control of the participating teams which would make the playing of the match impractical or dangerous. Only the referee and either the League Commissioner or Regional Commissioner has the authority to delay or postpone a scheduled match. The referee has the final word on delays due to weather.

If a match needs to be terminated and the first half has been completed, the match will count as a complete and official match.

If a match is terminated prior to completion of the first half, the teams must contact the League Commissioner to discuss a reschedule date.

Grace Period Before Abandoning A Match

Unless both teams and the referee agree to an alternate plan, teams must wait at least one hour before abandoning a match that has been delayed. The one hour grace period may be extended, up to a maximum of three hours from the time the match is delayed, if there is a likelihood of resuming the match that day. Because of the cost and difficulty of rescheduling, every attempt should be made to continue the match.

No match will be continued after the three hour waiting period without the approval of the League Commissioner or Regional Commissioner.

Law A14 No Shows/Forfeit

A No-show is when a team willfully does not appear at a game without a specific agreement approved by the Regional Commissioner and Director of Operations. The penalties for a No-show are as follows:

1)   A 3-0 loss, a 3-point deduction from their standings and a League fine of $500.00.

2)    Justified compensation to opponent of up to $1500.00 to be determined by the League. Opponent may seek no additional compensation.

3)    All fines and fees must be paid within 7 days. If fines and fees are not paid within 7 days, the League may consider options on continued play in the League.

4)      A club may be expelled from the league if it accumulates two No-shows within one season.

A team unable to attend a scheduled game because of an accident, weather or Act of God should immediately notify the opponent and the league office. The Regional Commissioner will review each situation and a decision rendered. The Regional Commissioner and Associate Commissioner may give consideration in situations where the opponent has been given at least five days notice of an impending No-show. A team may borrow up to four (4) registered WPSL players with a local team unless they are starters. This must have approval from the Regional or Associate Commissioners.

Law A14.1   Non Performance of Home Team

In the event the visiting team is present at the venue and the home team is unable to provide a venue or fails to show up at the scheduled venue and time, and the game is unable to be played within an hour of the game time, all sanctions in Law A14 apply, except for compensation, which will be, the greater of $1000.00 or actual travel costs incurred by the road team for that particular game. This law does not apply if a facility owner, due to weather or an Act of God, closes a stadium.

Law A15 Quarters

Teams shall play quarters as opposed to halves when the weather is over 100 degrees or when heat requires it for safety reasons.  This may be decided before the game begins.  The players should not leave the field.

Law A16 Provisional Teams

Provisional teams will not be guaranteed any games during their provisional season. Provisional games do not count in the standings.

It will be up to the Annual League Meeting or League Commissioner to decide how long a provisional team may remain a provisional team.

Law B Team

Law B1 Operation Fees

The dues are for the operation of the League and are due by deadlines established by the League Office. The dues for the next year will be decided at the Annual League Meeting.  If a team is 60 days past due on payment, then the League may apply sanctions.  Prompt payment will be a consideration for acceptance into the league for the following year. Teams planning to return the following year must pay $500 due October 1st and December 1st with the balance of the yearly dues by January 10th.

Law B2 Other Fees

Each team is responsible for league fees and costs, including but not limited to:

 1. USASA Field Liability Insurance
 2. Player Registration- Annual rate determined at the AGM
 3. Media Guide by Home Teams
 4. Game Day Programs by Home Teams
 5. Referee Fees by Home Teams
 6. Travel Expenses
7.  Pro to Amateur status fee
8.  Patches
9.  League banners

Law B3 Roster

There is no limit to the number of players listed on the team roster at any given time.

All registered players must be listed on the team's roster webpage and approved by the registrar.

A maximum of 20 players may dress for a games (this is the game day roster).

As a courtesy, the visiting team shall submit a proposed roster to the home team by noon Thursday prior to the game. The home team will produce a game day publication including both team rosters at all league games.

An Associate Commissioner will decide on whether or not to allow player loans. Only players that are not considered starters may be loaned.

Rosters will be frozen Fifteen (15) days before the start of any WPSL Regional Tournament. The League Registrar must approve all roster moves after the roster freeze deadline.

Law B4 Conduct & Appearance of Team Bench Personnel

Professional conduct and attire is required of all personnel on the team bench. Abusive language will not be tolerated. Minimum dress code will include polo shirt, dress shorts and shoes.

Law B5 Bench Requirements

Absolutely no one but players on the Team Roster, Coaches, Managers, and Medical Staff will be permitted in the bench area.

Law B6 Game Day Reports

Prior to the start of the game, the home team representative shall provide the referee with an official WPSL Game Form listing the registered players participating in the game. Referees shall report to the league the results of the game, the goal(s) scorer(s), the time of the goal(s), assists and list any cards which may have been issued- any violations of rules and regulations by either team or their team officials, must be included. The referees will also be required to fill out the referee information section on the Game Report for each game indicating whether they have been paid. The home team is responsible for submitting this information to the league immediately after a game by calling in the results to the WPSL Scoreline at 800-854-0913.

The home team must fax or scan and email the Game Reports to the league’s designated office no more than 48 hours after the completion of the game. Failure to furnish the League Office with this information by the stated time can result in loss of points in the Standings. Game Reports need to be checked by both teams and signed AFTER the game. By signing the Game Report the team agrees that it is correct

Law B6.1 Travel Information Sheet

No less than five days prior to a WPSL match, each team will be required to fax or email each opponent a road team information sheet or home team information sheet, whichever is applicable.  The following information shall be furnished:

Date, time, venue of match, uniform color, game day roster, an emergency contact number, mode of transportation, estimated time of arrival, and any minimum standards lacking.

Teams must obtain approval from US Soccer to travel and play internationally.

Law B7 Disbanding

In the event a team, by disbanding or for any other reason, withdraws from the league without finishing its scheduled games the following regulations will take effect:

1)      If at least half of the full schedule of games has been played, all resulting scores shall stand as validated by the League.

2)      The remaining unplayed games shall be credited to the opponents, as scheduled with the scores adjusted to an equitable basis so as not to impact an playoff race.

3)      If less than one-half of the full schedule of games has been played, the resulting scores of the games played shall be canceled.

4)      If a team is suspended or expelled, players can be transferred by filling out a Transfer Form and paying a $5 transfer fee.  After the start of the season, a registered player must notify her team before contacting any other team.

Law B8 Risk

Each player or team official shall assume all risks, responsibilities, and liabilities for loss, damage, injury or death to her/himself while using property and facilities of the WPSL and whether such loss, damage, injury or death be occasioned by the team or by the league, its officers, agents or otherwise. See Form in Section 10.

Law B9 Indemnification

Each team shall provide the League with a suitable indemnification agreement to hold the League, member teams, league officers, employees and agents harmless against all claims, action, liability or demands of whatever nature which may be commenced by any person or connection with the member's agreement to become a member of the League and League's acceptance of such member. Each player coach, trainer, and team personnel will sign an acknowledgment of a hold harmless clause.

Law B10 Uniforms

Each team must have two full sets of  complete uniforms, each set being identical.  They must contain numbers on the back of jersey (at least 8" high).  Numbers can start from 00 and go through 99.  Home team chooses colors and informs visiting team of choice.  All uniforms must have a 3" or 4" number on the shorts or front of jersey. The WPSL logo must be prominently placed on all team uniforms.

Law B11 Non-payment of Professional Players by Professional Teams

A Professional Team, including all their associated business entities, will be fined and expelled from the WPSL if there is failure to pay the contractual agreement between the team and the professional players within 90 days of the end of the season or their contract end date.

Law C Players

Law C1 Amateur and Professional

An amateur player is any person other than a professional player.

A professional player is a person who currently receives payment for playing soccer and/or who signs a professional form of the United States Soccer Federation.

An amateur player may not receive and retain any remuneration for playing except expenses directly related to a game or games that have actually been incurred by the player. A player with NCAA eligibility may not play on a team with any professional players that are being paid to play

A professional player can play in the WPSL with proper registration with the United States Soccer Federation and the WPSL.

An amateur player may participate as a member of an amateur team against professional athletes or professional teams.

An amateur player may participate with a professional on a team, provided the professional is not being paid by a professional team or league to play as a member of that team (e.g., summer basketball leagues with teams composed of both professional and amateur athletes).

Law C2 Foreign Player Status

Any player coming or returning to the WPSL from outside the United States must obtain proper international clearance with applicable rules of the USSF and FIFA being complied with before they can register the player.  A U.S. player who has gone to train or play overseas and registered with that country's Federation is considered a foreign player. Each team is responsible for their team's eligibility.

Law C3 Participation

Players may participate in any competition under the jurisdiction of the League provided that they are duly registered in accordance with the regulations contained herein.

Law C4 Registration

An eligible player is one properly registered with the League and the USASA, and not under suspension.

All players must also sign a separate indemnification form, as well as, all coaches and team personnel.  The team will have the responsibility to have these on file.

Player registration fees must be received before registration forms are processed.  The player passes will be emailed to the team and each team will adhere a photo, have the players sign pass, and laminate the cards.

Law C5 Player Pass

Every player must have a current WPSL player pass. WPSL player passes shall be presented to the referee prior to the game. If no pass is presented, player(s) must show some proof of identification (with picture), and the game may be played under protest, subject to verification by the League office.

Law C5.1 Registrar

The League Registrar will be appointed by the League Commissioner and will maintain records of all players and teams participating under the sanction of the WPSL. The Registrar shall report to the USASA and USSF such portions of that record by the rules of USASA and USSF. The Registrar shall determine the eligibility of players and teams.  The issuance of a player pass does not in itself constitute that a player is eligible to play in a WPSL match.

Law C5.2 Player Registration

The purpose of player registration is to limit access to participation in sanctioned games of soccer to those who show respect for and abide by the laws of the game and the rules of the WPSL.  The WPSL shall make rules and establish procedures and fees for issuance of player registration cards. No person can be denied issuance of a player registration card on the bases of race, color, age, creed, or national origin. Player registration cards remain the property of the WPSL and must be surrendered upon request under the rules of competition of the WPSL.

At the minimum, the player registration form must include the player's date of birth, full name, signature, ID number, address, and phone number. The player registration card must indicate the date of birth and the full name of the individual. It must also have a current photo, signature and ID number.  The Registrar will post all eligible players on the team website.  The Registrar will determine the submission deadline for the weekend games.

A player's registration must be submitted to the League Registrar at least 72 hours before the team's next game in order to be eligible to play.  Expedite fee of $100 will be applied if player card is needed within the 72 hours.  The roster on the team's webpage will be updated after each approved player registration.

Law C6 Illegal Player

An illegal player is a player not properly registered with the League and/or the USSF/USASA and does not appear on the Team Roster. A team using an illegal player shall forfeit 3-0 all games illegal player(s) plays in and will lose 3 points per illegal player per game. International clearance are required for foreign players and returning US players who have requested a transfer to another foreign federation. It is the responsibility of the individual teams to verify the player has proper clearance.

Law C7 Transfer and Releases

During the official playing season, a player shall not register for more than 1 (one) team. No team shall approach a player who is registered with another team within the Region without the consent of her team. A player desiring her release shall apply to her team and according to USASA rules must be released if she has met all the conditions set forth here. In the event that she is refused, she may bring the matter to the attention of the League with reasons stated. Any player withholding property of the team of which she was last a member of shall not be eligible for release or transfer.

1)      The Player - Player may terminate their registration with a team after meeting the above conditions.

2)      The Team - Team may terminate the Player Contract at anytime for any reason, including but not limited to, player's performance and violation of team rules, upon written notice to player. Upon such termination all of the rights obligations of team and player here under shall terminate, provided that team actions are in accordance with the League.

3)      Any team contacted by a player must inform the player to contact her own team and ask to be released or transferred. Also the team contacted shall notify the manager of the player's team.

4)     A registered player (not a starter) may be loaned to traveling teams short of players.

* To transfer a player: A Transfer Form must be filled out and signed by the appropriate persons, a $10 processing fee made out to the WPSL must be paid and the form must be received and signed by the League Registrar before the player will be allowed to play.

Law C8 Insurance

USASA provides each amateur club's registered player's secondary player medical insurance, as part of the registration fee.  The field liability insurance will be paid to the League and sent to the USASA.   Any false representation of USASA insurance documents by any team will incur a $5000 penalty and possible expulsion from the League.

Law C9 Risks

Each player shall assume all risks, responsibilities, and liabilities for loss, damage, injury or death to herself while engaged as a player for a team or a representative team of the League. It is the player's responsibility to have a primary health care plan.

Law C10 All-Star Team

League wide and Regional All-Stars shall be determined at the AGM or by the League or at a Regional meeting. 

Regular season statistics will not be affected or enhanced by the playoffs.  The playoff and season statistics will be separate.

Law C11 League Recognition

The League shall select a Coach of the Year.  The regions will select their Coaches of the Year.  The Director of Operations will select a team in the regions who have displayed exceptional management during the season.

Law D Referees

Law D1 Registration

Only currently registered USSF or FIFA referees shall officiate league-scheduled games. Once a year the League may designate a USASA referee coordinator.

Law D2 Game

The referee shall be the sole judge of all matters pertaining to the game. All USSF Law applies except were WPSL modifications have been accepted by the USSF.  Players without passes may play with proper identification and the game will be considered under protest until the League office determines the player's eligibility.

Law D3 Field Inspection

Before the commencement of each game, the referee shall inspect the playing field and if its conditions render the field unsafe for the players, he/she shall call the game off, notifying the two competing teams of his decision.

Law D4 Fee

The fee for refereeing service is set by the WPSL. The WPSL is not responsible for travel cost incurred by referees unless expressly approved by the WPSL in writing. Travel must be over 50 miles one way to be considered for reimbursement. Referees will be paid by the home team at the end of the game provided the referees fill out and sign the referee information form on the back of the Game Report. Referees are asked to notify the Director of Operations immediately if they do not receive payment at the end of the game.

Law D5 Fee Disbursement

The referees shall be entitled to the fee when:

1)   They arrive at the field at the proper time (minimum 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the game) and they perform assigned services.

2)   They arrive at the field at the proper time and the game has been canceled without proper notification.

3.) Either of the competing teams fails to appear for the scheduled game.

4.) The game has started but for some reason it is not brought to completion.

5.) They travel to the field and do not officiate the game due to an error of the league.

6.) Only 50% of the total referee fees will be paid in the event of a rain-out or any other weather related issue.

7.) They complete the required Game Report as instructed (including goals, assists, time of goals and substitution) and return a copy to both teams.

Law D6 Team Assistant Responsibilities

In no way shall the team assistant interfere with the officiating of the game.

Law D7 No Show

If referees do not show up, you may use substitute referees if both teams agree.

Law D8 WPSL Rules

Before each game, the referee will be provided with unique rules to the WPSL. (See Addendum D12)

Law D9 Referee Suspension

If both teams agree, a referee may be discouraged from any future WPSL games for whatever reason the teams deem proper.  If only one team has a referee dispute, then a match video must be sent to the League office for the matter to be considered.  When possible, the League Defense Coordinator may select referees and designate them as WPSL referees.

Law E Discipline

Law E1 League Commissioner

The League Commissioner shall have the authority to suspend, fine or disqualify any official(s), player(s) or competing team(s), that breach any Laws of the League or for any action or conduct not in the best interest of soccer or the WPSL.

Law E2 Cautions

Cautions shall include, but not limited to:
Retaliation, unsporting conduct, dissent to a referee, encroachment, entering or leaving the field of play without permission, persistent infringement of the Laws of the Game, etc.

Law E3 Ejections

Players, coaches, managers or team bench personnel issued a red card or two violent yellow cards will incur a mandatory minimum of a one game suspension, which must be served in the next scheduled league game, unless it is the last game of the season. Ejections shall include, but not limited to: violent conduct, foul and abusive language, and/or persistent misconduct after a caution.

Law E4 Serving Ejections

Any ejection will incur a minimum of a one game suspension, which must be served in the next scheduled league game. However, if the player is still on an overnight trip when issued the suspension, the player may play the next scheduled league game and serve the suspension the following weekend, unless it is the last game of the season.

The official Game Report shall be reviewed by the League to determine the duration of all suspensions due to ejection. Any violent act directed against the referee(s) will be an automatic suspension from all league play for the remainder of the season. Teams may appeal to the Director of Operations before the next scheduled league game. If the team loses the appeal, they will be required to pay a $200 fine to the League.

Law F Minimum Standards

Law F1   Adherence

The League shall have the power to assess penalties on clubs and/or individual club members or officers.   Penalties may consist of warnings, fines, loss of points, and temporary or permanent suspension from soccer activities and/or the League.

Law F2 Playing Field

The home team shall be responsible for keeping its field in playing condition and it shall be responsible for visible, correct, and complete markings of the playing field.

Certificate of insurance for practice and game facilities form will be filled out and sent to the League office as soon as you have facility information.

Law F3 Nets and Corner Flags

Goal nets and comer flags (not less than 5 feet high), shall be used for all games.

Law F4 Benches

Home team must provide home and visitor benches large enough to accommodate 10 persons per team.

Law F5 Referee Provisions

Home team must provide a table and water for referees at midfield.  The referee coordinator will send all teams the referee manual and any memos.

Law F6 Water & Ice


Law F7  Trainer


Law F8 Back-Up Field

All teams will work towards having a back-up field in case of the unforeseen chance the regular field is not useable (Act of God, Rain, Field Owner cancellation, etc.). A back-up field may be used unless an immediate mutually agreed upon time and place is scheduled. There will be considerations given to back up fields not meeting the Laws of the WPSL and Minimum Standards.

Law F9 Fans

Fans may be 7 yards behind the net. However, the referee may remove the fans if there is unruly behavior.
The visiting team is allow a maximum of 20 guest passes to a game if an entry fee is being charged.

Law F10 Ball Persons

Teams that host at a venue in which the field of play is not completely gated must provide a minimum of 4 ball persons that will collect the game balls and have them ready for play. If the home team fails to provide ball persons than a minimum of 8 approved game balls must be strategically placed around the field of play.

Law F11 Score Reporting

The home team is required to communicate the result of its WPSL match according to procedures set forth by the League office. Violations to this rule shall result in the following sanctions.

1st offense – warning
2nd offense – 1 point deduction in standings
3rd offense – 1 point deduction in standings and the posting of a $300 infractions bond prior to being accepted to play the following year.

Law G Tournaments

Law G1 Team Sponsored Tournaments

All tournaments must be sanctioned by the WPSL if a WPSL or WPSL Elite team is putting on a tournament.

Law G2 Tournaments

The WPSL League takes precedence over tournaments not sanctioned by the WPSL. Any team that cancels or forfeits games due to participation in any of these tournaments will be expelled from the WPSL.