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January 26, 2005

I.                   CALL TO ORDER

Commissioner J. Zanelli called the meeting to order at 6:10 PM PST on Wednesday, January 26, 2005.

II.                ROLL CALL


  • Ajax Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) Jeff Thomas
  • California Storm (Sacramento, CA) - Jerry Zanelli
  • Houston Stars (Houston, TX) Cassandra Williamson
  • Lamorinda East Bay Power (Orinda, CA) - Ernesto Silva, Katie Pittman
  • Las Vegas Tabagators (Las Vegas, NV) Guy Hobbs, Saeed Bonabian
  • Massachusetts Stingers (Swansea, MA) Lia Benevides
  • New England Mutiny (Springfield, MA) Joe Ferrara
  • Northern California Union Football Club (Menlo Park, CA) Gary Ireland, Greg Pakeris
  • Philadelphia Pirates ( Williamstown,  NJ) - David Jones
  • *Rhode Island Rays (Wakefield, RI) James Kelly
  • San Francisco Nighthawks (San Francisco, CA) Dick Cross
  • Utah Spiders (Salt Lake City, UT) Mark Drown


  • *Denver Diamonds (Denver, CO) - Scott Dedycker
  • Elk Grove Pride (Elk Grove, CA) - Frank Vellutini
  • FC Indiana (Goshen, IN) Shek Borkowski
  • San Diego WFC SeaLions (San Diego, CA) - Lu Snyder, Scott Dreher
  • Steel City Sparks (Pittsburgh, PA) Chris Quahliero
  • South Shore Select of Massachussetts (Rockland, MA) Debbie Gordon

*Teams not in good standings.
Established quorum.

III.             AGENDA ITEMS

A.     Convention update by J. Ferrara.

a.       Canada would like to join this year, but they understand if it is too late. The will travel to play exhibition games and teams need not reciprocate. Contact J. Ferrara if interested. J. Zanelli suggests that the league allow the Canadian team to come into the league as a provisional team for the 2005 season if they agree to travel. In 2006, the WPSL will consider having a Canadian Division. Ron Davidson would organize the Division and serve as the Commissioner.

b.      Several ball manufacturers were interested in becoming our official ball sponsor. They will be submitting a written proposal to J. Ferrara.

c.       Fox Sports is interested in doing something with the league. It is too late for this season, but next season is possible. A committee was formed to work on this for next season. Committee members are: J. Ferrara (head of committee), L. Snyder, J. Zanelli, G. Pakeris. Any other representatives interested in being a part of this committee are asked to contact J. Ferrara.

B.     WPSL Intranet C. Hanlon has set-up a league intranet for use by the league representatives. Go to www.wpsl.org to register players, upload photos, search for a representative. More functions will be added on before the season. Each representative will be sent an intranet user name and password.

C.     Financial report given by C. Hanlon and D. Cross.

D.     Western Division schedule Final draft should be finished by Friday. When you receive the final draft, let J. Zanelli know if you are satisfied or not with the schedule.

E.      Eastern Division schedule J. Ferrara is awaiting black-out dates from Mass. Stingers and Steel City Sparks. Teams that will be a part of the 2005 season are: New England Mutiny, Philadelphia Pirates, Northern Massachusetts Aztecs, Bay State Select, Maryland Pride (new management and owner), Steel City Sparks, Massachusetts Stingers and Rhode Island Rays.

F.      Eastern Division bonds No bonds are required this season. However, there will be a zero tolerance for no shows/forfeits.

G.     Media Brochure A media brochure was designed by C. Hanlon last year and has been updated this year by J. Ferrara. It is 4 pages (8 x 11) and full gloss. J. Ferrara had 5500 printed up at 27 cents each. Teams may purchase these from J. Ferrara at $50 for 200. They are great for distributing to local media, schools, etc..

H.     2006 NSCAA Convention - D. Jones motions and D. Cross seconds that the league allocate the $850 for a booth at next years convention. Motion carries unanimously.

I.        Referee Coordinator Fee Tabled until next conference call.

J.       Signing International Players Players get a 90-day VISA automatically. They need to fill out an international clearance form, which is available on the league website and the USASA website. A fee must accompany the form. J. Zanelli will be available to answer any questions teams may have regarding this issue.

K.    Uniform supplier JAKO, a German company is trying to break into the US market and is interested in sponsoring teams within the league. D. Jones will email C. Hanlon the details and she will pass it on to the rest of the league. Combat soccer is offering 50% off retail. F. Vellutini will get more details and forward them onto the league.

L.      East Bay Power They were dropped from the league when they missed the Western Division registration deadline. The team requested that they be reinstated. They argue that this would be their 5th season and they have proven to be a quality team that does not forfeit games and pays their bills. The Lamorinda Soccer Club will be sponsoring the team. Katie Pittman would be taking over the team manager duties. They are willing to make any extra trips necessary and will not submit any scheduling black-out dates.

a.       Mark Drown motions and D. Cross seconds that the Lamorinda East Bay Power be reinstated as a WPSL member team in the Western Division. Motion carries unanimously.

IV.              ADJOURNMENT

D. Cross motions that we adjourn, M. Drown seconds. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM PST.
The next monthly conference call is scheduled for February 23, 2005.

Minutes respectfully submitted.
Colette Hanlon
League Secretary

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