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May 12th, 2004
6:00 PM PDT/7:00 PM MDT/8:00 PM CDT/9:00 PM EDT


  • California Storm (Sacramento, CA) - Jerry Zanelli
  • Denver Diamonds (Denver, CO) - Scott Dedycker
  • Denver Kickers (Golden, CO) Debbie Rock
  • Houston Stars (Houston, TX) Luis Labastida
  • Las Vegas Tabagators (Las Vegas, NV) Guy Hobbs
  • Maryland Pepsi Pride (Millersville, MD) Jack Wetherson
  • New England Mutiny (Springfield, MA) Joe Ferrara
  • Northern California Blues (San Jose-Santa Cruz, CA) Cori Houston
  • Rhode Island Rays (Wakefield, RI) James Kelly
  • Rochester Reign (Rochester, NY) Jami Dansingburg
  • San Diego WFC (San Diego, CA) - Lu Snyder
  • San Francisco Nighthawks (San Francisco, CA) Dick Cross
  • Utah Spiders (Salt Lake City, UT) Jamie Schock


  • Ajax Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) - Jeff Thomas
  • Central California Gold (Escalon, CA) Hervi Rualo
  • East Bay Power (Orinda, CA) - Ernesto Silva
  • Elk Grove Pride (Elk Grove, CA) - Frank Vellutini
  • FC Indiana (Goshen, IN) Shek Borkowski
  • Grand Rapids Alliance (Grand Rapids, MI) Abrahm Shearer
  • Massachusetts Stingers (Swansea, MA) Raul Reis
  • Steel City Sparks (Pittsburgh, PA) Chris Quahliero


  • Dave Simmons League Referee Assignor
  • Stephen Kowalski Media Director

  1. League Banners Banners will be ready this weekend and Lu Snyder will mail them to each team next week. Teams are required to display the banner at all home games.
  2. The Board has agreed to adopt a point system for conference call attendance and game report and media report submission. If a team acquires 5 points, 1 point will be deducted from the teams standings. Provisional teams will not be affected by this rule but are requested to help the league by meeting the deadlines. Teams will gain points for the following:
    1. A team representative must attend each conference call.  If there is no representation, the team will be given 1 point for missing the conference call.
    2. The home team must submit the Media Report within 3 hours of the end of the game. If the Media Report is submitted late, the team will be given 1 point.
    3. The home team must submit the Game Report by noon Monday following the game (noon Tuesday if Monday is a holiday). If the Game Report is submitted late, the team will be given 1 point.
    4. If the home team does not submit either Report by the deadline, the visiting team may submit the reports. The visiting team will be rewarded with an extra credit point for each report submitted.
  3. The Board has agreed to change the monthly conference call day from the second Wednesday to the second Monday of each month for the months of June and July. The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM PDT exactly and will last for 30-45 minutes.
  4. Schedules The list of games that still need to be scheduled and finalized was given. Teams are urged to give game dates, times and venues as soon as possible to Colette Hanlon.
  5. Guy Hobbs motions and Dick Cross seconds that at Dave Simmons direction, the local referee assignors will get the $5 coordinators fee. The motion carries.
  6. Luis Labastida motions and Dick Cross seconds that the league pay the Houston Selects referee fees, which will be $115 per game. The motion carries.
  7. Jerry Zanelli appointed Luis Labastida of the SWC Houston Stars South West commissioner. Luis accepted the position.
  8. Representatives are asked to submit ideas about restructuring the Divisions to Jerry Zanelli so that we can have a proposal set-up and approved before the AGM in November. The proposal will be voted on before the AGM.
  9. James Kelly motions and Jack Wetherson seconds that the WPSL support the Womens United Soccer Association (WUSA) if:
    1. They become a stand-alone league with no affiliation.
    2. They become a stand-alone league that will allow amateur leagues, such as the WPSL, to participate under their umbrella.
    3. They affiliate with Major League Soccer (MLS).
    4. They affiliate with US Soccer.

Our league will not support the WUSA if they affiliate with the United Soccer League (USL). The motion carries.


Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM PDT.
The next monthly conference call is scheduled for Monday, June 14, 2004.

Minutes respectfully submitted.
Colette Hanlon

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