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May 20th, 2003
8:00 PM PDT/11:00 PM EDT

Denver Diamonds (Denver, CO.) - Scott Dedycker
Elk Grove Pride (Elk Grove, CA.) - Frank Vellutini
Ajax Southern California (Los Angeles, CA.) - Jeff Thomas
San Diego WFC (San Diego, CA.) - Lu Snyder
California Storm (Sacramento, CA.) - Jerry Zanelli
Central Valley F.C. Rebels (Modesto, CA.) - Hervi Rualo
Maryland Pride (Millersville, Maryland) Jack Wetherson
New England Mutiny (Springfield, MA) Joe Ferrara
San Francisco Nighthawks (San Francisco, CA.) Colette Hanlon
Sonoran Thunder (Tucson, AZ.) - Mark DeBenedetti
East Bay Power (Orinda, CA.) - Ernesto Silva
New York Vendaval (New York, NY) Cathya Espinoza

Utah Spiders (Salt Lake City, UT.) - Jamie Schock
Rhode Island Rays (Wakefield, RI) James Kelly

1. SCORE Jeff Thomas and Colette Hanlon have been unable to get in touch of SCORE to discuss the WPSL ball situation. They will work to get this resolved as soon as possible.

2. The Lady Arizona Sahuaros will play the Utah Spiders in Utah on May 24th in place of the Houston Stars.

3. The league gives thanks to those Provisional teams, Northern California Blues, Lady Arizona Sahuaros, Houston Stars, that have stepped in to fill our scheduling gaps this year.

4. Joe Ferrara will be the Eastern Division Coordinating Commissioner.

5. As a general rule, player registrations must be received by Thursday so that registrations will be completed by Friday noon when rosters are due before the weekend of play.

6. Motion by Jerry Zanelli to interview someone to recruit new teams after September 1st, when the entry fee is raised to $2500. The recruiter would be paid $500 for each team recruited. Motion carried.

7. World Talk Radio will host a soccer show every week and will dedicate 15-20 minutes to the WPSL. Everyone has agreed to be a participant on the show. Lu Snyder will coordinate the schedule.  They are also connected with www.matchday.com and will post our game scores every week. Each team must phone in their scores to a designated phone number that Lu will provide.

8. 90:00 Minute Magazine is working on getting the league Press Releases on the Associated Press wire.

9. Frank Vellutini proposes that each team provide the contact information for local press to Colette Hanlon, who can then distribute weekend game scores to the local press every Monday. He will work with Colette Hanlon to coordinate this.

10. By-law changes approved by the league:
a) The WPSL has the power to suspend or expel teams.
b) The WPSL reserves the right to waive entry fees and bonds for new teams at its discretion.
c) New teams applicants entering the league by September 1st pay a $2000 entry fee. After September 1st, applicants pay a $2500 entry fee.
d) New teams, as well as existing teams, can be required to put up a $5000 bond, letter of credit or escrow account by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The money will be returned at the end of the year, if there are no forfeits, past due league fees or unpaid claims. Effective immediately.
e) If a team is suspended or expelled, players can be transferred for a $5 transfer fee.

11. Frank Vellutini will head a committee that will decide upon a process for dealing with financial dispute claims.

12. Motion that six teams in Florida come into the league as
provisional teams this season. They will be asked to handle
scheduling on their own. Motion carried.

13. Motion that Ripon Youth Soccer Association take over the Chico Quest schedule as the San Joaquin Valley Soccer Academy Quest. Motion carried.

14. Minutes of the Central Valley FC Rebels and San Joaquin Valley United Hearing were reviewed and accepted.

15. Clarification of the Soft Red Card and Serving Ejections By-Laws. Both yellow cards must be violent in order for the player to serve a suspension. Players issued a red card or two violent yellow cards must serve the minimum one game suspension the next league game. Teams may appeal to the Director of Operations, Colette Hanlon, before the next scheduled game. If they lose the appeal they will be required to pay a $200 fine to the league.

Meeting adjourned at 9:33 PM. Next meeting scheduled for June 11th at 7:00 PM PDT, 10:00 PM EDT as a conference call.

Minutes respectfully submitted.
Colette Hanlon

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