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AmeriSuites, Las Vegas, Nevada
November 8-9, 2003


  1. Ajax Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) - Jeff Thomas

  2. California Storm (Sacramento, CA) - Jerry Zanelli

  3. Central California Lady Gold (Escalon, CA) ÷ Hervi Rualo

  4. East Bay Power (Orinda, CA) - Ernesto Silva

  5. Elk Grove Pride (Elk Grove, CA) - Frank Vellutini, Danny Cruz

  6. Houston Tornados (Houston, TX) ÷ Rose Leverton

  7. Lady Arizona Sahuaros (Carefree, AZ) ÷ Linda Suiter

  8. Las Vegas Tabagators (Las Vegas, NV) ÷ Saeed Bonabian, Guy Hobbs

  9. Maryland Pride (Millersville, MD) ÷ Jack Wetherson

  10. New England Mutiny (Springfield, MA) ÷ Joe Ferrara

  11. San Francisco Nighthawks (San Francisco, CA) ÷ Dick Cross


Fundraising & Sponsorship ÷ Jerry Zanelli

Player Recruitment ÷ Dick Cross

Fields/Venues ÷ Jack Wetherson

Building Attendance ÷ Joe Ferrara

Insurance & Liability ÷ Colette Hanlon

Registration ÷ Colette Hanlon

Game Day & Media Reports ÷ Colette Hanlon

Scheduling ÷ Jerry Zanelli

Team Ownership ÷ Dick Cross, Jerry Zanelli, Jeff Thomas

Youth Players ÷ Frank Vellutini

Regional Commissioners ÷ Jerry Zanelli

Travel ÷ General Discussion


»      Congratulations to the 2003 WPSL League Champions.

»      Congratulations to the East Division teams, New England Mutiny, Maryland Pepsi Pride, Rhode Island Rays and New York Vendaval for a trying but successful first season.

»      Thank you to the provisional teams, Northern California Blues, Houston Stars and SJV Quest for filling in the schedule for the disbanded Chico Quest.

»      Apology to Rose Leverton of the Houston TornadoÔs for not getting any games scheduled during their provisional season.

»      Thank you to Colette Hanlon for her efforts as the Director of Operations.

»      Thank you to Dick Cross for his efforts as League Treasurer.


»      *Most Valuable Player Stacie Alberico of the California Storm

»      *Most Valuable Goalkeeper Melanie Stratford of the Utah Spiders

»      *All-Star 1st and 2nd Team Certificates

»      Coach of the Year Danny Cruz of the Elk Grove Pride

»      Manager of the Year Frank Vellutini of the Elk Grove Pride


*Player Certificates were given to team representatives who will distribute them to their players. 


»      Utah Spiders would like to play an exhibition schedule. Another Utah team is interested in joining.

»      San Diego will most likely not have a team next year due to loss of sponsorship. However, they are open to allowing the Orange County team to takeover for them.

»      The SJV Quest will definitely NOT be coming in next year.

»      A team in Phoenix is looking to put a team together.

»      The Denver Diamonds are on a payment schedule to pay off dues. They definitely want to be a part of the league next year.

»      Several teams in Florida are interested in joining next year.

»      Joe Ferrara reported that four East Division teams are committed for next year; New England Mutiny, Maryland Pepsi Pride, Rhode Island Rays, Steel City Sparks. Several more are interested including: Philadelphia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Cleveland and Michigan.

»      Christina Kenney will be available to find teams starting next week pending her WUSA obligations. She will be given an extension for our 800 # and an email address.


»      Blackout dates must be submitted by December 1st to the schedulers, Dick Cross and Jerry Zanelli.

»      If home game dates have already been determined, inform the schedulers of these dates.

»      The preliminary draft is to be completed by January 15th.

»      After the preliminary draft is distributed, the home team must submit set game times, and the traveling team must submit travel considerations such as last flights out, etc. to Jerry Zanelli or Dick Cross (i.e. ŃWe can play on Sunday as long as the game is scheduled no later than 1 pm).

»      The final draft is to be completed by February 15th.

»      Teams will be paired up somewhat by Region.

»      League division structure will be determined after December 1st when the number of teams participating next year will be known.

»      The Championship Tournament will be held July 31st ÷ August 1st.

»      Bids for hosting the Championship Tournament are due February 15th at the AOM in Las Vegas.


»      Commissioner ÷ Jerry Zanelli

»      Treasurer ÷ Dick Cross

»      Regional Commissioner ÷ Joe Ferrara appointed by Jerry Zanelli

»      Secretary ÷ Colette Hanlon

»      Legislative Committee ÷ Frank Vellutini, Jeff Thomas

»      Registration Committee ÷ Jeff Thomas

»      Championship Tournament Committee ÷ Joe Ferrara, Dick Cross, Linda Suiter, Rose Leverton, Hervi Rualo, Jeff Thomas

»      Sponsorship ÷ Jerry Zanelli

»      Fields and Weather ÷ Jack Wetherson

»      Media ÷ Joe Ferrara, Nikki Lasher

»      WUSA ÷ Jerry Zanelli

Committees are not closed, anyone may join at any time.


The League Treasurer Dick Cross gave a financial report. A Profit and Loss summary was handed out along with a Comparison of Financial Data for the years 1999-2003. The Corporate Return has been filed. He pointed out that any team has the right to ask for any financial information at any time. The league has an outstanding receivable balance of over 13,000; 7,000 - 8,000 of which the league can expect to recover.

Cross also noted that the $5000 bond required of new teams or delinquent teams will be deposited into an escrow account (Trust Fund) which will be held separately from the general account.

Frank Vellutini moved and Rose Leverton second that the league adopt the following front loaded team payment schedule into the By-Laws. 

  1. By January 15th, $2000 is due
  2. By February 15th, $500 is due
  3. By March 15th, $500 is due
  4. By April 15th, $530 is due

These fees are for team registration ($250), league fees ($2000), and referee costs ($1280 for 8 home games). These fees do not include player registration fees, which will be due at the time of registration. All paid fees with the exception of any unused bond money, are non-refundable. The League Treasurer must approve any requested deviations from this payment schedule.

The Eastern Division may determine a different payment schedule for East Division teams. However, the entire league must participate in the final decision as to what that payment schedule is, as it may affect the entire league financially.

The motion carried.

This new front loaded payment schedule would ensure the teamÔs financial commitment to the league and would guarantee their inclusion into the league schedule. It would also ensure that the $5000 bond, if required, would be used for expenses incurred due to forfeits, if any, and not the payment of league fees.



Both teams may grade the Center Referee after each game, by placing a number from 1-5, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, underneath their teamÔs signature on the GAME REPORT. The Referee Assignor, Dave Simmons, will be advised of this assessment, which will help him determine the suitability of the referee when scheduling future games. Dave Simmons is also advised not to assign High School aged Referees. The fourth official will be required to complete the GAME REPORT statistics.


It was determined that it is the prime responsibility of the recipient to respond to any GAME CHANGE REQUEST within 72 hours. If there is no response within 72 hours, the game change will NOT go through.


Hervi Rualo moved and Danny Cruz second that the league attend the NCAA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina January 14-17. Colette Hanlon and Nikki Lasher (if available) will attend the Convention. Linda Suiter, Ernesto Silva and Jerry Zanelli will assist with the creation of the booth display/presentation.

The motion carried.

Other conventions to consider:

»      CYSA Equipment Show in Santa Clara February 7th

»      Las Vegas College Showcase at the Bettye Wilson Soccer Complex March 19-21 (the Tabagators have offered to cover the hotel room cost for Colette Hanlon)

LAWS E3, E4, E5

Dick Cross moved and Hervi Rualo second that Law E5 be removed, coaches, managers and team bench personnel be added to Law E3 and Law E4 be revised to state;

Any ejection will incur a minimum of a one game suspension, which must be served in the next scheduled league game. However, if the player is still on an overnight trip when issued the suspension, the player may play the next scheduled league game and serve the suspension the following weekend.


The official Game Report shall be reviewed by the League to determine the duration of all suspensions due to ejection. Any violent act directed against the referee(s) will be an automatic suspension from all league play for the remainder of the season. Teams may appeal to the Director of Operations before the next scheduled league game. If the team loses the appeal, they will be required to pay a $200 fine to the league.

The motion carried.


Frank Vellutini motioned and Hervi Rualo second that when traveling via air, the arrival time should be 4 hours before the scheduled start of the game. (If this was not done, and the start of the game was delayed as a result, it will be considered heavily when determining rewarding damages, if any, to the home team).

The motion carried.


Linda Suiter motioned and Rose Leverton second that all Sunday games should allow for 1 Ş hours traveling time after the game.

The motion carried.

Dick Cross motioned and Jeff Thomas second that after the preliminary schedule is distributed, traveling teams shall submit travel considerations such as the last flight out, i.e. ŃI can play on Sunday as long as the game is scheduled no later than 1p.m.ń to the scheduler.

The motion carried.


If a team fails or is late to turn in the GAME REPORT and/or the MEDIA REPORT they forfeit their right to all awards for that game including, but not limited to Offensive and Defensive Most Valuable Players.


The only major changes will be with the website navigation, which will have sub-levels in order to make navigation easier. TeamÔs are encouraged to update any and all information often as well as submit any photos or video for a website gallery. Links to teamÔs official websiteÔs will not be made unless and until the WPSL logo and link to the WPSL website is displayed on the teamÔs official website.


Dick Cross motioned and Jeff Thomas second the following be added to the By-Laws regarding provisional teams:

  1. There is no guarantee that provisional teams will have any games during the season.
  2. It will be up to the Executive Board to decide how long a provisional team may remain a provisional team.

The motion carried.


Teams are given the option to take a leave of absence for a period of 2 years. A letter requesting a Leave of Absence must be submitted to the league. If the team taking the leave of absence agrees, a new team may take over their charter and will not be required to pay the $2500 new team fee. However, if the original team decides to come back into the league within the 2 years, the team that took over the charter will be required to pay the $2500 new team fee in order to remain a league member team.


Jeff Thomas motioned and Dick Cross second that the Law B3 be changed to the following:

There is no limit to the number of players listed on the roster at any given time. All registered players must be listed on the teamÔs roster web page. Any team requesting a player loan must have league approval. Teams will have until Friday noon to update their roster for the upcoming weekend games. Rosters will not be frozen. A maximum of 20 players may dress for games (this is the game day roster). The game day roster must be submitted to the home team by noon Friday. The home team will produce a game day publication including both team rosters at all league games.

The motion carried.


The monthly league meetings will be held at 6:00 PM pacific time, the second Wednesday of every month via a conference call. Colette Hanlon will send a reminder a week before and the day of the call. All agenda matters that deal specifically with the West will be discussed at the end of the call, so that the East may get off the call early.


It was determined that the league should create a media guide or brochure. Jerry Zanelli will look into obtaining a printer sponsorship. Colette Hanlon will create the brochure and get a printing cost estimate. Linda Suiter has agreed to donate her graphics expertise. All teams are asked to submit any information, photos, etc. to Colette Hanlon. 


Jeff Thomas motioned and Jack Wetherson second that the following By-Law be added:

Regions outside of the West as defined by USASA, may determine their own:

1.  Schedule deadlines

2.  Conference calls/meetings

3.  Financial arrangements

However, if any of the decision will affect the entire league financially or otherwise, the entire league must be a part of the decision.

The motion carried.


All WPSL teams will be invited to the highly competitive Las Vegas Silver Mug Tournament to be held February 15-17 at the Silver Bowl Complex. The teamÔs history (caliber of play) will determine whether they will be accepted. Each team will get a minimum of 5 games and a maximum of 8 games. The games are 60 minutes in length (30 minute halves) with exception of the Championship game, which is 90 minutes in length (45 minute halves). The cost is $380 per team and the host hotel, Arizona CharlieÔs, offers rooms for $43/night. Applications will be mailed soon. It will be requested that no tournament games be scheduled for Sunday night, to allow for our league meeting.


Jeff Thomas motioned and Frank Vellutini second the following:

  1. If the Utah Spiders remaining balance due is not paid by January 15th, 2004, they will be required to post a $5000 bond in order to remain a member team for the 2004 season.
  2. If the Sonoran ThunderÔs remaining balance is not paid by January 15th, 2004, they will be terminated as a member team due to non-payment of league fees.

The motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 1:40 PM MDT. Next meeting scheduled for December 10, 2003 via conference call.


Minutes respectfully submitted.
Colette Hanlon

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