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Hawthorne Suites, Sacramento, CA.
November 16, 2002
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

California Storm (Sacramento, CA.) Jerry Zanelli
San Francisco Nighthawks (San Francisco, CA.) Richard Cross
Sonoran Thunder (Tucson, AZ.) Mark DeBenedetti
East Bay Power (Orinda, CA.) Ernesto Silva
Central Valley F.C. Rebels (Modesto, CA.) Hervi Rualo
Utah Spiders (Salt Lake City, UT.) Jamie Schock
Elk Grove Pride (Elk Grove, CA.) Frank Vellutini
San Diego WFC (San Diego, CA.) Lu Snyder
B.C. Tri City Bos Angels (Vancouver, B.C.) Gordon Pickering
Chico Quest (Chico, CA.) Ian Stokell
Denver Diamonds (Denver, CO.) Scott Dedycker
Ajax Southern California (Los Angeles, CA.) Jeff Thomas
Guest Bill Bozgraph - Vice Chair USASA Region IV


1. California Storm, the 2002 WPSL League Champions.
2. Denver Diamonds, Elk Grove Pride and Sonoran Thunder for their successful first season.
3. The entire League for a challenging season

ACTION ITEM: Dick Cross to get Championship trophy from John Richer
ACTION ITEM: Pay cost of trophies to John Richer.

Financial Report

1. Report given by the League Treasurer, Dick Cross.

ACTION ITEM: Report to be sent to Marge Madriago of USASA.
ACTION ITEM: MPSL will pay of our dues ($1250) (higher if they want a National League as well).


1. Law A15 added - Play quarters when over 100 degrees or when heat requires it for safety reasons. This should be decided before the game begins.

2. Substitutions will remain unlimited along with the 20 player Game Day roster.

3. Law A6 modified to clarify tie record and differential rule:

1. Goal difference between the two teams
2. Goal difference within the division
3. Goal difference within the entire League
4. Most goals scored within League
5. Least goals scored within League
6. Tiebreaker to be determined by a coin toss

4. There will be 28 Active players and an unlimited number of Reserve players allowed. All Active and Reserve players must be listed on the web site. Players must be listed as an Active player in order to play in a WPSL game. If a player plays that was listed on the web site as a Reserve and her status was not updated on the web site as Active, she will be considered an Illegal player and the game will be counted as a forfeit. Teams will have until Friday noon to update their roster for the upcoming weekend games.

5. In order for a player exchange to be considered legal, the loaned player must be listed as a reserve player on the loaning team's roster and not an Active player.

6. Penalties:

  • Overdue league fees no penalty decided on.
  • Illegal player forfeit; refer to Law C6
  • Non-rostered player forfeit; refer to Law B3
  • Forfeits Jamie Schock will come up with a proposal by the next Conference Call.
  • Change of venue, game day and/or time that creates an additional traveling expense for visiting team. Claim form to be created that will be handed into the Board of Directors and the Board will determine the compensation. The two disputing teams cannot take part in the final decision by the Board of Directors.

7. Objections of individual referees Board shall come up with a list of minimum standards for WPSL referees to follow. League Schedule & National League Discussion

8. There are five teams in the East and West Coast interested in joining the WPSL. The WPSL could become a National League. The League fee would be $2500 (which would be split between the East and West). The team fee would increase to $250/team. The consensus was that the League should go ahead and work to become a National League. 

9. There will be 3 League Divisions for the 2003 season. A northern division, central division and southern division. Each team will play every other team in their division twice, 1 away and 1 home, and every other team once, for a total of 14 games. The teams will be divided as follows: 

  • North Chico Quest, Elk Grove, San Francisco, Utah
  • Central Vancouver, Storm, Central Valley, East Bay
  • South Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona, Denver

10. The season will start the first weekend in May and end by the last weekend of July. 

11. The Draft of the 2003 season schedule must be done by December 20th and the final schedule by January 15th (can be finished sooner).

12. Provisional teams pay $2000 entry fee, of which will apply to next years entry fee, no monthly dues, must register players & team. It is up to the individual teams to choose to schedule or not to schedule games with Provisional teams. Teams interested in becoming provisional include Monterey Bay, Seattle and Houston. 

13. Travel papers required for games & tournaments outside of our League. 

14. Mark DeBenedetti will be working on the schedule draft so if there are any scheduling concerns contact Mark with them. 

15. Las Vegas Silver Mug applications were provided. 

16. Houston will host teams (hotel & ground trans.) if we play a provisional game in Houston. 

17. Player suspension due to Red Card Players will serve their suspension the next game whether or not they are on a road trip. However, players issued two yellow cards or a "soft" red card will not be required to serve a suspension. A "soft" red card is a non-violent red card. For example, a keeper using hands outside the box or player carded for a hand-ball in the box, or a player that is carded for mouthing off to the ref. Clarification of the difference between a red card and a "soft" red card needs to be made and the new Law E5 needs to be updated with this clarification. 

League Meetings

1. November and February meetings are mandatory

2. There will be a monthly conference call held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 8:00 PM PST. If the monthly conference call is not needed, a notice will be given. 

3. Colette Hanlon will be responsible for taking the Minutes and distributing them. WPSL Relationship with WUSA and  W-League 

1. The WPSL cannot have a relationship with WUSA as long as the league carries college players. 

2. WUSA releasing procedures Get details directly from WUSA. WUSA exhibition to be handled by Lu Snyder (see team duties). 

3. A proposal to have the State Coach come watch our WPSL games and pick up players for the Regional Team was given to the USASA representative. 

4. Four WPSL teams: California Storm, Central Valley F.C. Rebels, San Diego WFC and Ajax So. Cal would like to enter the Open Cup. 

5. Proposed to the Region that all teams will enter the Open Cup provided they can bypass the regional playoff weekends and go directly to the Nationals. We would play amongst ourselves and the other teams that enter the Open Cup. Or we pick teams that want to go and play amongst ourselves and send one team to  represent the Region. Bill Bozgraph will report back to WPSL.

6. The Commissioner Pro-tem will be directed by the League to discuss W-League teams joining our League, but is expressly forbidden to enter into any agreement with the W-League regarding merging with their League.


1. Dave Simmons was selected as our League Referee Assignor.

2. If a manager or coach has a problem with a particular referee he or she should contact Dave Simmons. 

3. Dave Simmons will be the Regional Referee Assignor and he will work with the local assignors to schedule games. If a team knows of an assignor that they would like to recommend let Dave know about it. 

4. Mandatory that player have WPSL player card to play. 

5. A minimum standard sheet will be provided that will outline the referee duties including the 4th official statistical duties. Each team should have a stat person to sit with the 4th official.

6. Increase payment of Referees to $160/game ($10 Center, $5 both Sidelines) 

ACTION ITEM: Board to come up with a list of minimum standards for WPSL referees to follow 


1. Jerry Zanelli, Dick Cross, Lu Snyder and Jeff Thomas will be talking with SCORE. After the meeting, one person from the league, Colette Hanlon, will deal with communication between SCORE and the WPSL. 

2. 90:00 Soccer Magazine will display a WPSL ad in each of  its 12 issues for the upcoming year for $1000. They will assist us in the marketing and promotion of our league including help with press releases. They will also assist us in finding cash sponsors and will take a %20 commission. The league approved to have a negotiated contract with them. 

3. www.waysoccer.com is an ISP that will pay $4/month to the league for customers that we get to subscribe to their service. The league approved to have a negotiated contract with them. 

4. Joann Noorda of Western Travel proposed to provide the league with arranging flights, hotels and ground transportation for all teams. Her company would charge a $10 service fee for arranging flights, but no fee would be charged for arranging hotel and ground transportation. 

5. We will provide our league-wide sponsors with the following:

  • Two Game Day Banners, a Game Day Program  ad, PA announcements. The sponsors must furnish all.
  • Free ad in 90:00 for a year
  • Representation on away uniforms if it is a big sponsor
  • Website exposure & logo on any league advertising materials.
  • The League will explore other ideas including magnetic
    advertisements of sponsors on team vans.

ACTION ITEM: Agree to contract with 90:00 Soccer Magazine & Soccer Development of America (SDA). For the $1000 in advertising they will give the WPSL an ad for 12 months in 90:00 Soccer Magazine, will produce a League-wide WPSL brochure, will secure league cash sponsors for a 20% commission (trade-out sponsors will be mutually agreed upon on an individual basis), review & edit League press releases. For League-wide sponsors, 90:00 Soccer Magazine will provide a full-page ad for 12 months. The WPSL will exhibit 2 banners (provided by 90:00 or SDA), 3 PA announcements, full page ad in all Game Day Programs, will put logo and link on front page of web site and will, when feasible, provide a table with magazines and subscription cards.


1. Updates and changes proposed:

An overall "facelift", adding a statistics page, a
frequently asked questions page (FAQ), a player page, web
site searching capabilities, a site map (table of contents),
screen savers and backgrounds (need photos for these),
possible "play by play" service for fans.

2. Each team needs to update their team information on the web site.

3. Teams need to encourage their players to fill out the Player Profile form.

ACTION ITEM: Colette will look into incorporating "play by play" and/or streaming media for the "Game of the Week"


1. The WPSL is its own registering body. Every WPSL player must be registered with the WPSL in order to play in a WPSL game. The only exception would be for exhibition games against provisional teams, for these games, USASA or USSF passes will be accepted. 

2. Each team must be registered with USASA. 

3. Registrations may be sent via fax. The steps are outlined below and can also be found in Section 10 of your team binder and on the web site under docs. 

a. Registration form is filled out and signed by the Player and Team Rep. 

b. Registration form is received (may send via fax to 415-704- 3397) and signed by the League Registrar (Colette Hanlon). Must be legible! 

c. The $15/player registration fee (made out to the WPSL) is received. The online service Pay Pal will be an accepted means of payment. 

d. Player Passes are e-mailed to Team Representative in PDF format. 

e. Team Rep. prints out the passes. 

f. The player's picture (1" x 1 ") is pasted onto the pass in the designated box. Digital camera player pictures can also be e-mailed to the Registrar, who will place them on the pass digitally and e-mail back. 

g. Player cards must be signed by the player and then laminated. 

4. All youth players registering as WPSL players must fill out youth to Provisional Senior Player forms. You must get this form from your State Association. 

ACTION ITEM: Colette will distribute information on using  Pay Pal for player registration payments.

**Temporary Passes will not be allowed for liability reasons. Therefore, the Temporary Pass form is considered null and void. 

All Star Team, MVP, MVG

1. Nomination procedure will be the same as last year. 

2. Additional awards: 

a. Coach of the Year each team will have one vote and they may not vote for their own team. 

b. Manager of the Year Colette will decide. 

c. Plaques and/or Certificates will be issued to the Most Valuable Player and Goalkeeper, All-Star Team players, Tom Burger, league founders that have disbanded and League-wide sponsors. 

3. T-shirts to be given to All-Star Team players. 

ACTION ITEM: Jamie Schock will get plaques for MVP players and dignitaries. 

ACTION ITEM: Colette Hanlon will create Certificates.

ACTION ITEM: Dick Cross to look into getting All-Star team t-shirts. 

Team Duties

1. Treasurer Dick Cross re-elected

2. Commissioner pro-temp Jerry Zanelli re-elected

3. Secretary to take minutes at meetings Colette Hanlon

4. 2003 AGM Host California Storm of Sacramento

5. Create a sponsorship package and be the contact person Jerry Zanelli

6. Media Contact - Writing and distribution of press releases Soccer Development of America (SDA). 

7. League agrees to hold off on processing paperwork to make WPSL a Non-profit organization.

8. Discussed adding a Player Representative to the Board of

9. Board of Directors displayed on contact sheet.

10. Mark DeBenedetti appointed League Scheduler for 2003 season.

11. WUSA Exhibition Lu Snyder will coordinate. Scheduled for the first weekend of February in San Diego. Waiting for final approval from WUSA & the Olympic playing site in Chula Vista, San Diego.

12. Recommendation that each home team videotape their games. 

Other Items

1. Because of travel constraints in the Western region, this year's official League will be comprised of the 12 teams that met the Nov. 16th deadline. Because the Central and Eastern divisions of the league will need more time to organize, the League will allow their Region to determine their deadline dates.

2. Other teams in the Western Region that want to enter will have to do so provisionally and play games under the constraints of the schedule already adopted. 

3. Areas to target for expansion include: N. Utah team, 4 S. Cal teams, Seattle, Phoenix and Las Vegas, Mid-West and  East Coast.

ACTION ITEM: Law B3 wording needs to be clearer and the  28-player roster limit must be changed. 

ACTION ITEM: Jamie Schock to come up with a proposal to handle penalizing teams that forfeit.

ACTION ITEM: Colette Hanlon to create a Claim Form that will handle financial disputes due to change of venue, game day or time.

ACTION ITEM: Mark DeBenedetti to create the first draft of the 2003 League Schedule and e-mail to everyone for review. 

ACTION ITEM: Colette Hanlon to get Travel Papers from USASA. 

ACTION ITEM: Clarification of the difference between a red card and a "soft" red card needs to be made and the new Law E5 needs to be updated with this clarification. 

ACTION ITEM: Jeff Thomas will set-up the next Conference Call on December 11th at 8:00 PM PST. Colette Hanlon will e-mail everyone with a reminder and the details. 

ACTION ITEM: Colette Hanlon will receive the agreed upon salary amount for 8 months of the 2003 season. 


Next meeting to be held December 11th at 8:00 PM PST as a Conference Call.

Meeting adjourned 6:10 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted.
Colette Hanlon

Women's Premier Soccer League. All Rights Reserved.