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December 11, 2002
8:00 PM 9:20 PM


California Storm (Sacramento, CA.) - Jerry Zanelli
San Francisco Nighthawks (San Francisco, CA.) - Richard Cross
Sonoran Thunder (Tucson, AZ.) - Mark DeBenedetti
Utah Spiders (Salt Lake City, UT.) - Jamie Schock
Elk Grove Pride (Elk Grove, CA.) Frank Vellutini
San Diego WFC (San Diego, CA.) Lu Snyder
Chico Quest (Chico, CA.) - Ian Stokell
Denver Diamonds (Denver, CO.) Scott Dedycker
Ajax Southern California (Los Angeles, CA.) Jeff Thomas


East Bay Power (Orinda, CA.) Ernesto Silva
Central Valley F.C. Rebels (Modesto, CA.) Hervi Rualo


1. Jeff Thomas, Jerry Zanelli and Lu Snyder met with 4 Score representatives to discuss the needs of both the league and of SCORE and how best to meet these needs. 

2. Score would like to fulfill the balance of the contract which they say is up in 2003. However, the contract states 2004. 

3. Timing of uniform orders is critical: 

a. January 15th - All orders need to be in by this date. 

b. February 15th - All logo art and color selections need to be in by this date. 

4. No more than 2 colors may be used, unless the team wants to cover the costs of additional colors. 

5. Warm-up orders cannot be fulfilled this year. However, they will look into providing fleece tops. 

6. SCORE would like the WPSL teams to be more pro-active in referring local clubs to SCORE. 

7. Local SCORE sales representatives should be visiting each team. 

8. A league ball has been chosen. Each team is required to buy 30 balls from SCORE at $12 per ball or 300 total. 

9. All orders are to go through Colette Hanlon. She will be in contact with Nancy. 

10. All local club sales leads (referrals) to go through Colette Hanlon. She will forward them to SCORE. This will insure centralization and documentation for future negotiations. 

11. SCORE will not be able to provide printing of local sponsor logos on uniforms. It is up to the individual teams to have them printed on the uniforms. 

ACTION ITEM: Jerry Zanelli to get contact information for Nancy and have her get in contact with Colette Hanlon. 

ACTION ITEM: Colette Hanlon to get order forms from Nancy and distribute to teams. 


1. Vancouver will not be participating in the 2003 season. 

2. Orange County and Las Vegas are interested in coming in. They will have until Friday Dec. 13th at 10:00 PM to commit to the league. 

3. If there will only be 11 teams,it is suggested that we go back to the 2 divisions. The divisions would be the following: 

Utah Spiders
California Storm
San Francisco Nighthawks
Elk Grove Pride
East Bay Power
Chico Quest

Denver Diamonds
Sonoran Thunder
San Diego WFC
Ajax of Southern California
Central Valley F.C. Rebel

4. If a team fills in for Vancouver we will keep the 3 divisions and the new team would replace Vancouver in the schedule. 

5. Mark DeBenedetti will alter the schedule after the Friday deadline and distribute to all teams by Monday Dec. 16th. The teams are to get back with Mark via e-mail with any conflicts. 

ACTION ITEM: Mark DeBenedetti to alter schedule and distribute by Monday Dec. 16th. 

ACTION ITEM: Teams contact Mark with any scheduling conflicts. 


1. The USASA will be having an Executive Board meeting in January. Jerry Zanelli will present the WPSL proposal to USASA representatives. The WPSL is expected to receive provisional approval for National League status. The vote at the mid-year USASA meeting in February could give official approval. 

2. If we are approved as a National League than we need to make sure we are listed as such in the Soccer America directory. 

3. Several Eastern teams are joining or have interest in joining including: Maryland Pride, Springfield Mass., Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. 

4. Dallas and Houston although not officially a part of the league will be playing local teams and promoting a central league. 

ACTION ITEM: Jerry Zanelli to attend USASA meeting in  February to discuss National League approval. 

90:00 AD

1. 90:00 has agreed to put a www.waysoccer.com ad in the magazine. Both 90:00 and the WPSL and MPSL will receive a portion of the profits from any subscriptions gained as a result of the ad. The contract calls for $2 per hook-up per month in the United States. 

2. The MPSL would like to put up a booth at the NSCAA Conference in Kansas City. They are willing to pay 1/2 of the cost $525 if we pay half of the cost $525 for the booth. Everyone agrees that this is a good idea. We need to send someone to man the booth at the Conference. It is agreed that Colette Hanlon attend. 

ACTION ITEM: Teams to come up with ideas for the January 90:00 ad and e-mail to Colette Hanlon. 

ACTION ITEM: Mark DeBenedetti and Dick Cross to send high quality action photographs for ad to Colette Hanlon.


1. The WUSA exhibition is planned for the last weekend of January in San Diego. However, the WUSA coaches still need to confirm. 

2. The exhibition will provide college seniors and post-college players the opportunity to be seen by WUSA coaches and/or representatives without the expense of a trip to Florida for the WUSA combine. 

ACTION ITEM: Lu Snyder to confirm dates of exhibition and distribute details to teams. 

*After consultation with WUSA it was decided to cancel the exhibition because the East Coast coaches would be unable to fly to San Diego for the exhibition. 


1. The possibility of requiring new teams and teams that have forfeited in the past to post a bond will continue to be discussed. 

ACTION ITEM: Jamie Schock to come up with a proposal that will deal with the forfeit issue. 


If scheduling conflicts cannot be resolved via e-mail then there will be an impromptu Conference Call next week. Otherwise, the next meeting will be held via Conference Call January 8th at 8:00 PM PST. 

Meeting adjourned 9:20 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted.
Colette Hanlon

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